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Mark Lee

The newest DJ to the Z99 all-star lineup, DJ Mark Lee hails from the metropolitan city of London. Mark crossed ‘the pond’ to join the Hurley’s Media team and make his mark as the resident ‘Afternoon Drive’ host, bringing you your very own dance party from 2-7pm, weekdays. Mark got his start when the DJ didn’t turn up to a friend’s party, so naturally, Mark decided to take the helm and he hasn’t looked back since. His career has taken him all over the world, providing the soundtrack to some of the biggest parties and events worldwide, boosting his international recognition. Dj’s all have a love affair with music, but Mark finds his soul attracted to the likes of Dance, House and Urban beats in particular. Interesting fact about this newbie- he does NOT like mushrooms, because ‘who wants to eat fungus’. Join Mark weekdays from 2pm – 7pm and get to know this interesting fellow, and what makes him do the ‘DJ wiggle’.


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