Get ready to pump up the jam with Lonnie, the musical sensation straight out of SoCal! This guy knows how to turn up the volume and crank out the beats, especially when he needs to cope.

His latest hit, "One Night Stand", is all about wanting something more with a girl who's not quite on the same page. Lonnie's heart is set on a serious relationship, but she's only interested in a one night fling. Can you say, "mixed signals"? It's a classic tale of unrequited love, but Lonnie's not giving up that easily.

With his smooth voice and catchy lyrics, Lonnie tells the story of a guy who's just not ready to let go. He's all about the long term commitment, but she's only interested in a one-time thing. It's a frustrating situation, but Lonnie knows just how to express his emotions through music.

So do I. In addition to my EXCLUSIVE HK REMIX on Lonnie, tune in to hear all your faves. I’ll be bangin’ fresh takes on Miley CyrusMetro BoominSZARema & SelenaKane BrownSam SmithShakira and MORE!  It’s all going down right here on Z99.9FM, Friday at 7PM  ! 

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