Last long weekend of the Summer!

It's the last long weekend of the Summer in the Cayman Islands and there is a LOT going on. This long weekend celebrates the Constitution of the Cayman Islands. We have the Builder's Expo at the Arc in Camana Bay, Kid's Fest at Pedro St.James, a huge testimonial soccer match to Celebrate Cayman as well as Boxing, with Trinidad vs Cayman at the Dalmain Ebanks Boxing stadium! 

You may choose to just chill, go to the beach or have a BBQ. Whatever you do, Hurley's Media and the Department of Environmental Health ask you to dispose of your trash responsibly. Always consider Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Try not to buy plastic bottles, cutlery or bags. If you do, please re-use them. If you are unable to reuse them, please take them to recycle points all over the Cayman Islands. You can usually find a recycling centre for paper, plastic, glass and aluminium at your local supermarket parking lot. 

If you create garbage, please ensure it is placed in garbage bags before it is placed in a watertight, animal proof container.

Doing this prevents:

  • Chickens, rats, cats and dogs getting access to your trash
  • Rubbish blowing around the neighbourhood when the garbage truck empties your trash can

We live in the most beautiful place, lets keep it that way by disposing of our trash responsibly. 

For more information on how to dispose of your household and party waste, click here.

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