Bearing to blame for engine trouble leading to September CAL emergency landing

Jan 02, 2018 News

A bearing failure is to blame for the September emergency landing on KX200, where passengers reported hearing a loud bang before the Tampa-bound flight was forced to turnaround, according to a Cayman Airways spokesperson.  CAL sent the following to Cayman 27 on the investigation into what caused the mechanical issues. "The engine has been disassembled at CAL's contracted overhaul shop and found to have suffered an internal roller bearing failure, which caused additional damage in the engine gas path. "This resulted in the vibration that led to the flight crew shutting down the engine in flight.   "The overhaul shop is currently restoring the engine while working with the manufacturer to mitigate future occurrences." Meanwhile, the spokesperson also gave an explanation for the 26 November emergency landing on KX792 bound forNew York, saying a pressure control valve malfunction caused issues to the cabin pressurization system. The valve was replaced and tested and the aircraft returned to service the next morning. Cayman Airways notes it has a safety record second to none in the airline industry.