Cayman Airways plane taken out of service after emergency landing

Nov 27, 2017 Business

Cayman Airways flight KYX-792 destined for New York was forced to make an emergency landing last night shortly after take off. Cayman Airways  CEO Fabian Whorms told Cayman 27 while climbing through to 10,000 feet the flight crew determined the plane's cabin pressurization system was not performing correctly and decided to return to ORIA out of an abundance of caution. He said the 737- 300 was still at a safe operating altitude for an unpressurised flight. All roads leading to the airport were closed off by police and emergency personnel were placed on alert for the plane's landing. The aircraft circled above several times to reduce its landing weight before descending around 8.18pm. He said roughly 121 passengers were onboard the plane. They were transferred to a different aircraft which departed for new york at 10pm. The affected aircraft has been removed from service for rectification work. Mr Whorms, commenting on the incident said,"Flight delays and returns are never pleasant or convenient, but Cayman Airways will always take the necessary steps and precautions to ensure the safest possible operations for its passengers and crew.”