CI Cancer Society discovers water leak

Dec 06, 2017 News

On the way to work this morning (6 December) staff members of the Cayman Islands Cancer Society noticed a hole in the road, which they say is a safety hazard. Operations Manager Jen Weber says when she looked into the hole, she noticed water and reported it to the Water Authority. "I saw that underneath it, it's actually hollow and there is water running through there, so clearly there has been some erosion and its hallow, so I'm concerned that the next car that drives by, it could further collapse and actually cause an accident or someone could get hurt," said Mrs. Weber. We reached out to the water authority on the issue, they said that a leak was discovered this morning and they conducted excavation works to locate its source. Portions of Maple Road were closed as they conducted repairs. They say water supply was not interrupted for customers in the area, we understand the road is now open to the public.