DEH cracks down on OT as budget year grinds to close

Nov 23, 2017 Business

The Department of Environmental Health has halted any overtime payments for its workers without prior ministry approval, this as the budget year grinds to a close. In an email obtained by Cayman 27, dated 14 November, DEH Director Roydell carter advised assistant directors and managers that all overtime work must cease. Mr. Carter cited the department's strained budget, saying his previous requests to reign in overtime have been largely ignored. "I have instructed the accounts section to not include any overtime in the payroll for both the solid waste group employees and monthly employees." said Mr. Carter in the email. "Only regular time (wage and salary) will be paid over the next two months." Mr. Carter continued, saying reducing operating hours may be necessary in some cases. The Chief Officer Jennifer Ahearn responded to our queries late Thursday (23 November) afternoon. She told Cayman 27 she is not aware of any DEH workers who have worked hours and has not been paid for them.