Eerily-realistic "faux-hawks" could one day patrol Cayman's skies

Nov 30, 2017 Culture

The Airports Authority said eerily-realistic robotic hawks could one day be on patrol in the skies around our runways. Meet the Robird Ornithopter, and if it looks like the real thing, it's supposed to. That's what makes it so effective at chasing birds away from areas where they could become a flight hazard. While the CIAA admitted these hawk-bots and their high-flying price tags may be too expensive for the immediate future, the Airports Authority said it is willing to give practically anything a shot to deter bird strikes. "We don't discount anything, we'll try anything, it's just a matter of we try to put our money where it's best used," said Andrew McLaughlin, CIAA Chief Safety Manager. CIAA has recorded 46 bird strikes over the last three years, 13 so far for 2017 inducing one last month.