Electronic waste poses dangers to our environment

Feb 08, 2019 Environment

More than 20 million tons of electronic waste is produced every year worldwide, that's according to the Institution of Physics. One local business owner said Cayman is indeed contributing to the problem with tv's, computers and other items found thrown in the trash. Around 17,967 pounds of electronic waste was shipped from Cayman's shores in January and Owner of E-waste Cayman Islands Erdmon McCoy said some electronics contain dangerous chemical and it can make you sick. "The older CRTV's holds mercury and lead in it and if it's not properly disposed of it can leach into the environment and into the ground causing health issues like cancer multiple respiratory system problems, it's just a wide range of health problems that it can cause," said Mr. McCoy. That's why he's encouraging people to dispose of their electronic waste responsibly. Last time the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) shipped off this type of garbage was March 2018. That load weighed 25,746 pounds. The DEH along with E-waste Cayman Islands is encouraging people to recycle electronic waste responsibly.