Emphasis on testing for World AIDS Day 2017

Dec 01, 2017 Culture

The World Health Organization added the Cayman Islands to the list of countries who have eliminated mother-to-child transmission of HIV. The announcement of this WHO certification was timed to coincide with World Aids Day, celebrated annually on 1 December. Health Services Authority HIV/AIDS Coordinator Laura Elniski said here in Cayman, the emphasis is on knowing your HIV status. "This year our theme is 'my health, my right', we are trying to make sure the awareness is out there that people know it is their responsibility for people to come and get tested, it's their right for free testing, for free treatment if necessary, but they do need to come in and get that testing done," said Ms. Elniski. She told Cayman 27 free HIV/AIDS testing is available free year-round, Tuesdays from 9 A.M. To 1 P.M. At the Cayman Islands Red Cross.