Ezzard on green iguana cull: make it worth their while

Nov 21, 2017 Business

With the green iguana population now topping one million, opposition leader Ezzard Miller told Cayman 27 it's time to get serious in dealing with this invasive pest. He called 2017's culling programme, which combined contracts for large-scale cullers and a much-criticised lottery system, a waste of time and government money. He said getting serious about eradicating this invasive species involves making the effort worth the while. "If you want to stop people getting conch and lobster, make it worth their while to kill lionfish and iguanas, and they will stop doing it tomorrow," said Mr. Miller. "They can't get five dollars for a conch, they can get five dollars for an iguana, bring the thing in give them the check, kill the iguana. I don't care how you kill it, kill it with a rock, string, stick, whatever, just kill it." Government has earmarked $1.1 million dollars per year in the 2018/2019 budget for green iguana control efforts.