Gambling Bill changes pulled, AG Bulgin says a further review needed

Dec 01, 2018 Crime

Attorney General Hon. Samuel Bulgin has pulled amendments to the Gambling Law. In a brief statement on Friday (30 November) the AG said the government is taking a further look into the entire Gambling Law and proposed changes to it. The long-awaited amendments were supposed to be debated in the last LA session, but it was not placed on the order paper. Mr. Bulgin says those amendments sought to steeply increase penalties to make it more of a deterrent. It would have been the first update for the bill in 54 years. He said the current penalties are woefully inadequate, but that being said, the AG stressed even though the Gambling Law is under review its current provisions “remain in full effect.” He said the public will be updated once the review is concluded. Read the AG's statement here: Gambling Law Amendments Under Further Review