Giving back: Long, Huerta, freestyler Cowie appear at local football camp

Dec 18, 2017 Sports

It was an early start for youth footballers as the 4th annual Arie Smith Football Camp took to the pitch at the Ed Bush Playing Field as part of the Dream Out Loud Foundation. Members of Scholars International Football Club such as Rodrick Pearson and Jordan Ramirez along with others led some of the instruction as United States women's national players Allie Long and Sofia Huerta joined shortly thereafter. Both women said they are humbled to be participating. "You want to give back and remember where you started. I was just one of these kids growing up and finding the passionate for football and it's just a really great thing to be apart of" said Long. "My family being from Mexico, I was from a really small, and honestly a poor area. I feel like I love doing stuff like this, so being reached out to by Arie is something I was really interested in doing. I was really excited to be here" said Huerta. The camp also featured 'football freestyler' Indi Cowie who said campers were in store for a treat. "I have a few tricks up my sleeve for this performance, I'm excited. I'll do a range, some lower tricks where it's just my lower body, I'll do some uppers, I'll do some stuff where I'm on the floor. So just a variety of tricks." Cowie did not disappoint as the Guiness World Record holder wowed the 75-plus kids in attendance. Proceeds from the camp go towards assisting aspiring footballers in hopes of one day being the next Long, Huerta or Cowie.