Gov't healthcare liability grows, Universal healthcare scheme proposed

Nov 16, 2017 News

Opposition MLA Chris Saunders says Government needs to find a way to stop burgeoning healthcare costs. $1.7 billion in unfunded healthcare liability will be due over the next 20 years and that figure includes retirees whose insurance stopped when they stopped working. Speaking in the LA on the issue this week Mr Saunders suggested Government consider a universal healthcare scheme as a way to address the issue. "This is a national problem. It is bigger than the Civil Service and it is something that would require a bold initiative from members in this House," he said. He added, "We cannot have the Civil Servants here now subsiding the old folks from the private sector after they have been discarded by private health insurers." Government had proposed a co-pay scheme with a planned roll-out next year to help cover the liability. But Deputy Governor Hon. Franz Manderson told the LA there hasn't been much discussion on it.