Guy Harvey crews back at sandbar for twice-annual stingray census

Jul 14, 2017 Environment

The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF) crew is back at the Stingray Sandbar this weekend for its twice-annual stingray census. Dr. Harvey and a small crew of volunteers kicked off the three-day study this morning, and like in years past, researchers will measure and scan the rays for its unique ID tag, collect a small sample, and return the animal back to the water. "What's great is that the last survey we had and the survey before, we saw a lot of young rays, which is a really good sign of recruitment," said GHOF Project Manager Jessica Harvey. "Each one has their own personality, each one has their own pattern, and yeah, so it's wonderful to see who is out there still, and who is new too." January's census reached triple figures, at a cool 100, the second best total in history. Can they beat it this time around? Cayman 27 will check in with Guy Harvey's team next week for results.