Gymnastics: Magalhaes, Peene fine tune at 'Holiday Extravaganza'

Nov 30, 2017 Sports

The skills of 37 gymnasts ages 6 to 16 were on display Saturday 25 November at Motions Unlimited's largest annual 'Holiday Extravaganza' gymnastics showcase. Men's coach Doran Zimmerman says the meet is a deserving stage. "This a really good experience for them to showcase the skills they've been working on for about the last six months, and over the summer and into the school year." Fresh off international competition earlier this month at the 'Judge's Cup' in Atlanta Georgia, Cayman's Igor Magalhaes fine tuned in hopes of competing in the Junior Pan-Am Championships May 2018. Zimmerman says the fourteen year-old fought through some wear and tear. "He's coming out a little bit of an injury. He's got a pulled bicep, maybe a pulled pectoral. The fact that he's hopping up on the events, throwing doubles on high bars and rings is pretty awesome." Another gymnast hoping to represent Cayman internationally is sixteen year-old Sami Peene. With the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee potentially sending two gymnasts to the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Peene says she relishes the opportunity. "I'm very excited, I feel like it's going to be a huge opportunity. It's going to be amazing to travel all that way to represent Cayman, on my shirt and on my jacket." For younger athletes, Coach Phi Nguyen says the meet gives many newer gymnasts valuable experience. "For most of them it's their first competition. This gives them an idea of how a competition will run, helps them with their nerves, learning how to compete is a whole other level." For all in gymnasts in attendance, the competition serves as a building block for future success.