KPMG launched new initiative at Red Bay Primary

Feb 09, 2019 Environment

Students at the Red Bay Primary School are getting a helping hand from the team at one local firm to increase their reading skills. It is with this vision in mind, KPMG has joined with the students at the Red Bay Primary to bring the words of their favorite stories to life. On Wednesday (06 February) global head of KPMG international lord Michael Hastings launched the firm's "Family for Literacy Program," it's a program aimed at developing reading skills. "KPMG families will come to spend time on a consistent basis week in, week out reading with children taking them through books and if they can see that for us it matters they read then they are gonna want to try," said Mr. Year 3 student Aryan Ramsammy said he's looking forward to reading more, it's the same for year 1 student Analia Langlois. "If you start at a really easy book and you keep going down you will keep learning new words then you can go on to harder books," said Mr. Ramsammy. "I usually read my brother bedtime stories instead of my mom reading it to us," said Ms. Langlois. This is the 14th country that KPMG has launched this initiative.