Liquor licenses postponed, board seeks law change

Dec 05, 2017 News

All applications seeking to sell liquor on Sunday have been postponed, this as the Liquor Licensing board tries to get clarity on the law and changes to sell alcohol on Sunday. Robert Hamaty, CEO of Tortuga, said since Peanuts Gas Station was granted a packaged liquor license, which allows selling alcohol on Sundays, other retail stores, such as his, want the same license for their business to keep the industry equal. "I told the board, I don't want anything to sell on Sunday and I don't want a retail license but a level playing field has to be established because what they've done is created a monopoly for Peanuts," said Mr. Hamaty. Cayman 27 reached out to the chairman of the liquor licensing board Mr. Noel Williams, but up to newstime, no response was received.