Operation Tempura closed: DPP rules no criminal prosecution for Bridger and Coy

Nov 23, 2017 Crime

After nearly 10 years and millions of dollars the ill-fated and discredited Operation Tempura investigation is officially closed without any charges being laid. The RCIPS today (23 November) issued a statement announcing the end of the probe and that the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions will not bring charges against former Scotland Yard officers Martin Bridger and Richard Coy. Mr Bridger and Mr. Coy were the officers enlisted to investigate allegations of corruption leveled against senior police officers and Cayman officials. Mr Bridger faced three lawsuits as a result of his role in the controversial probe which lead to the removal of Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan and charges against former deputy commissioner Rudolph Dixon. Mr Dixon was cleared of charges laid against him. During the probe the offices of Net News were also broken into. Government was also forced to pay-off settlements arising out of the failed probe.