Owners cite landscaping error for Prospect Point beach access blockage

Dec 20, 2017 Culture

Cayman 27 is following up on a beach access story we first brought you in Tuesday night's newscast. This one is about a so-called 'disappearing' access path on Prospect Point Road first brought to Cayman 27's attention by a tipster who documented the changes in pictures. One owner at the Palacades development, immediately to the west of the access path told Cayman 27 blocking the path was not anyone's intention. She said, if anything, they have worked to improve the public access path through the years. She sent us pictures that show shrubs and foliage she says were previously removed to enhance the access path. Our cameras were back out at the location Wednesday. A small tree has been planted in the path, and a few small shrubs are still blocking its entrance. The owner said the strata had recently hired a landscaper to put gravel in the path, but she says the landscapers made a mistake. She said the shrubs were supposed to be planted along the path, and not across it. The Public Works Department said it is aware of the situation, and is planning to re-install the beach access sign.