Pests threaten to play Grinch with Christmas tree imports

Nov 29, 2017 Culture

The Christmas tree sets the scene for many families' most-cherished holiday memories, but insects discovered by DOA inspectors are threatening to play "Grinch" with this year's seasonal imports. The Department of Agriculture told Cayman 27 routine inspections have netted multiple species of pests in every incoming shipment of Christmas trees, impacting some 2,400 trees in total. The remedy: treating the trees with a fog spray to kill the offending insects. As of Wednesday(29 November) afternoon, the treatment appears to be working. The DOA said as of this afternoon portions of multiple shipments to four importers have been re-inspected, cleared and released. The DOA told Cayman 27 six 40-foot containers of trees have been imported, each believed to hold around 400 trees.