Police urge caution as fake bills found in circulation

Jul 14, 2017 Crime

Fake money, including Cayman Islands currency, is now being circulated on island and the RCIPS is urging the public to be on the look-out for counterfeit US and CI bills. Today (14 July) the police say they have received $890 in fake US currency and a fake $5 CI note and they say more could be circulating in Cayman specifically US bills. There are key security features on each US bill police want you to look out for like the red or blue security fibers you see on the right side of the bill. There's also the security thread on the left of the bill. Another security feature is the colour shifting ink on the liberty bell which can be seen when you flip the bill side by side. Another unique feature that you should look for is the portrait watermark on the bill. Now as for the Cayman currency the police are urging you to check for the Queen's head, the serial number, the turtle watermark and embedded thread, as well as, the silver window thread. The police are also asking the public if they come across fake bills to report it immediately and observe the person or persons who pass them the fake money. You should also avoid touching the bill as much as possible.