Police yet to confirm 2nd boater who was lost at sea with Caymanian Thomas Bush

Dec 28, 2017 News

Police say they still don't know the identity of the second man who was on board the boat with boater Thomas Bush. Mr. Bush is the Caymanian man found off the coast of Honduras after missing at sea for nearly two months. In a statement released from the R.C.I.P.S today (28 December) said, "Police were informed that the second unidentified male in the boat with Mr. Bush was a Jamaican national who, we believe, was repatriated to Jamaica from Honduras. The R.C.I.P.S did not travel to Honduras to confirm these details due to the dangerous political situation there, but we do not have cause to doubt this information." Mr. Bush was repatriated back to Grand Cayman on the 8 December.