Premier and team leave for UK, EU blacklist high on agenda

Nov 24, 2017 News

Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin leaves for the UK today (24 November) for the annual Joint Ministerial Council meeting in London and high on his agenda is addressing the imminent publication of the EU's Non-Cooperative jurisdictions blacklist. According to an Office of the Premier statement Mr. McLaughlin is expected to hold talks with EU officials on the issue. He told MLAs last week he and his team will continue to resist Cayman's inclusion on the blacklist. "We have a fight on our hands, we've always had. But right now it's heating up and as I have said we will do everything we can through the diplomatic channels to continue to true to persuade those who make these decisions that Cayman does not belong on any such list," Mr. McLaughlin said in the LA. Also on the JMC agenda, discussions on hurricane relief and recovery, Brexit and climate change. Finance Minister Hon. Tara Rivers, Chief Officer Dax Basdeo and other Government officials also left with the Premier for London.