PwC supports sharks through its Ocean Awareness Week

Nov 17, 2017 Business

PriceWaterhouseCoopers staffers are supporting the earth's oceans with a week-long sustainability competition. Through taking part in ocean-friendly behaviours like carpooling or walking to work, arranging beach clean-ups, recycling, eating sustainably, and eliminating single-use plastics, employees can rack up points. "This year we are quite focused on fundraising, specifically we would like to raise some funds for shark research that's being done in Cayman, so that's a big element this year is to do that," said Marique Cloete of PwC. "Although we do get money from our sponsor Caybrew from the white tip fund, we still need money all the time for bait, for resources, for gear when it breaks. We are very grateful to be included," said DOE shark researcher Johanna Kohler. The public is invited to join in. Vivo Alternative Restaurant has created a special menu, with a portion of every meal's proceeds going to the DOE's shark research project. PwC's Ocean Awareness Week runs the 19th through the 24th.