Review of Security industry in Cayman, Premier- Serious look needed

Nov 22, 2017 News

Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin says it's time to take a serious look at the security industry and what local security officers are allowed to carry with them in the execution of their duties. The Premier said at the moment security guards are merely look-outs who offer a false sense of security and it's time to review what they are allowed to work with. "We need to really look again at these measures. We might as well get away from this idea that we do not really have to worry much about security in Cayman. I think we are past that point now. We have to stop pretending we do not have serious security concerns in this country from time to time," Premier McLaughlin said. The Premier stopped short of using the word weapons. But he said the discussion is needed with the police commissioner and other security officials on the matter. He raised the issue while speaking on an Opposition motion in the LA last Thursday (16 November.)