Road policing Chief: DUIs down, but more work to be done

Jan 07, 2019 Crime

The head of Cayman's Traffic and Road Policing Unit Ian Yearwood said on Monday (7 January) that the RCIPS holiday safety campaign was a success. But with 47 arrests for driving under the influence, he said there was still more work to be done. "Our number one loss of life in the Cayman Islands is as a result of road fatalities," Inspector Yearwood stated. With that at the forefront of his policing priorities, the Inspector of police said he cannot afford to take his foot off the pedal when it comes to road safety. But when Cayman 27 went to discuss the recent police crackdown, he said there was plenty to be positive about: "This year the Christmas campaign, as it relates to traffic, has been a success. The reason I'm saying this is because although we have not finalised our numbers, we're seeing already a reduction in terms of DUIs for the period." While some will maintain 47 arrests for DUI is 47 too many, that figure was down on last year's 55. Mr. Yearwood said he saw firsthand that the anti-drink-driving message had got through to people. "I worked on that night and I saw the Purple Ribbon buses passing and persons on board so I felt, yes, this was a success in terms of having that alternate means of transportation home," he explained. The inspector went on to say he believes there is still work to be done in terms of safer driving in general. "I will be honest and say we still have a lot of damage-only collisions and we're looking at ways we can reduce this," he added. He implored road users to be alert when behind the wheel and to be mindful of other drivers. "Be considerate in your driving, obey traffic signs, obey the speed limit, obey our traffic laws, be a courteous driver," Mr. Yearwood advised. "Think about what action you would like someone else who's driving to be granted to you, so we can all together work to reduce our collision numbers, making it safe for you and everyone else using the road," he asked of Cayman. Inspector Yearwood stressed they were still finalising the exact numbers of arrests made over the festive season.