Saunders not happy with CarePay response: He says he wants action taken

Nov 23, 2017 News

Health Minister Hon. Dwayne Seymour says no sanctions, reprimands or warnings were issued to HSA staff or board members in the aftermath of the CarePay corruption scandal. But Bodden Town West MLA Chris Saunders said that does not sit right with him. Mr. Saunders said too many questions remain about what went wrong with the CarePay programme and those responsible for the failings should be held accountable. He said changes must be made. "I will be bringing some changes to the Public Authorities Bill to tighten it up a little bit more. It is clear there are governance issues there that need to be addressed. Part of it will be through legislation and the other part of it would have to be greater accountability within the public service itself and especially with regards to the boards," Mr. Saunders said. Now last Thursday (16 November) Minister Seymour said an internal audit found no evidence of misconduct or corruption on the part of public servants or the board in the matter. He also pointed out changes were made to procurement and contract processes, the development of an anti-fraud policy, disclosure of interest requirement for all senior managers, and a conflict of interest policy to prevent wrongdoing.