Solution in the works for local dirt bikers

Dec 01, 2017 News

Police Commissioner Derek Bryne, lawmakers and local dirt bikers met last night (30 November) to create solutions to keep the road safe for all parties. George Town Central MLA Kenneth Bryan and Newlands legislator Alva Suckoo helped facilitate the meeting, which they say was a step in the right direction. “Rather than have the bikes on the road, especially the ones that are not licensed and insured, we're trying to locate safe locations for them to ride with the police presence there, with the police's permission, rather than them take to the road and get into problems like we had last Sunday,” said Mr. Suckoo. The long-standing controversy over illegal dirt bikes on Cayman’s roads flared up Sunday (26 November) after hundreds of riders, some of whom are reported to have been riding dangerously, trekked across Grand Cayman, some fleeing police roadblocks.