Stories of the 15th annual Cayman Islands Marathon

Dec 01, 2017 Sports

At the 15th annual Cayman Islands Marathon Sunday 3rd December, everyone has a story to tell. From birthdays to weddings, adversity to injuries, we hear from runners all around the world who tell us why they've decided to run in this Sunday's marathon. Thanks to everyone who contributed to our story: Russell Crumpler, British Virgin Islands - an avid runner evacuated to Grand Cayman after Hurricane Irma. Nadine Jones, Grand Cayman,  - encouraged her husband to begin running, now on his 5th marathon, she joins him Sunday for her first. Wendy Cluley, Austin, Texas - booked a 'baby moon' trip to Grand Cayman with her husband, travel agent discovered the marathon and they signed up. Brittany Kahl & Adam Kremers, Denver, Colorado - getting married in Grand Cayman just two days after the marathon on December 5th. Bart Forsyth, Arlington, Virginia - celebrating his 40th birthday the day of the marathon. Andrea Kovach, Naperville, Illinois - 2007 Women's Full Marathon winner, recovering from an October ankle surgery, she'll be participating in the marathon relay. Yvonne Carter, Baltimore, Maryland - recovering from a torn calf earlier in the year, she'll be running in her 3rd marathon of 2017. Kristina Buckeridge, Grand Cayman - running in her first marathon after struggling with weight issues. Charmane Dalhouse, Grand Cayman - lost 48 pounds and overcame health issues, inspired by her daughter Chambria. Katie Hall, Grand Cayman - raising funds for Brain Cancer research after a friend had an 'egg-sized' brain tumor removed,  will run in an 'egg costume'.