Suspended EE Primary teacher back to work

Nov 17, 2017 News

The East End Primary School teacher suspended over abuse allegations returns to the classroom.  The teacher was placed on administrative leave nearly a month ago after allegations surfaced he abused a student. Police launched an investigation into the matter and parents held their children out of school for two days last week in protest of no full-time teacher being placed in the classroom as a replacement.  The RCIPS Child Safeguarding Investigating Unit will not pursue charges in the matter and the probe has been closed, according to a police spokesperson. Police told the Education Ministry about the decision in line with child safeguarding protocols.  The teacher returned to his position on Thursday 15 November, according to an Education Ministry spokesperson.  The police conducted that the incident can be dealt with by words of advice and does not meet the criminal threshold, according to an Education Ministry statement.  The Director of the Department of Education, Ms. Lyneth Monteith, subsequently met with the teacher and confirmed that he could return to normal duties at the school with immediate effect, according to the Ministry's statement.  Students returned to classes on Tuesday 14 November after a replacement full-time teacher was found.