Swallow Lakes residents fearful after spate of attempted break-ins

Nov 29, 2017 News

Residents of the Swallow Lakes community in Northward say they are being terrorised by thieves who have robbed them of their peace of mind. Today (29 November) residents call on the authorities to ramp up efforts to keep the area crime-free. "If my children see that masks that they wearing. The t-shirts they have tied up around their heads and around their arms, so we do not see their tattoos, they would be devastated for their rest of their lives," sobbed Swallow Lakes resident Olivia Smith. Thet mother of two said videos of attempted break-ins in her community has left her living in fear, adding that would-be thieves have tried to break into her home as well. "I struggle and then for people to come and try to come into my house not once, not twice, numerous time. It has me hurt. I feel violated. I don't know what to do," she said. Her's is a familiar refrain from residents in the Swallow Lakes community in Northward. Just Monday (27 November) three would-be thieves tried to break into a neighbour's home. She's calling for more police presence. "I think they need to be patrolling on feet instead of in cars, once they see the police coming round they have their lights on at the top so they are hiding and they are running and they are on feet," she said. Ms. Smith said the community has formed a WhatsApp neighbourhood watch group and have rallied together to look out for each other. But she said Government has to get involved with the young people. "It have clean-ups every Christmas. I think it should be three times a year instead of one. If there are jobs out there and they have to rob us. I think the government needs to look more into them, pay more attention to them," Ms. Smith said Bodden Town West MLA Chris Saunders said he is working with the community on the issue. Police say they investigated in break-in attempt on Monday and no suspects were held. Mr Saunders said he's meeting with police on Friday (1 December) on the issue.