'The coalition government is working' says Speaker Bush

Jan 10, 2019 News

While the Opposition Leader pushes his alliance, Speaker of the House Hon. Mckeeva Bush said he believes the Unity Government coalition is working, and he hopes to see it last. Mr. Bush told Cayman 27 while certain things could be done differently, and the nation still faces challenges, he said, on the whole, the unity government is doing a good job. He said he gets a sense of fulfillment in seeing initiatives he has advocated for years come to fruition. "I don't want to be part of Cabinet, I am happy as the Speaker, I am seeing the things that I had talked about and are still in my manifesto getting done, I know the Premier is working hard, I know he's got his hands full. I know the various ministers, they have their hands full, they are working hard. The coalition is working," said Speaker Bush. And while Mr. Bush said he supports the Unity Government, he said his Cayman Democratic Party (CDP) is looking forward to the next general election.