The Saga continues: Eden Rock grounding matter still in the courts

Nov 27, 2017 Crime

It's been one year since the 328-foot container ship Saga ran aground at Eden Rock. The 2,900 tonne cargo ship steered bow-first into the popular dive site in the early morning hours of November 25th, 2016.  It took two tugboats about an hour to extricate the ship from the reef. The vessel damaged around 8,300 square feet of coral and caused partial collapse in parts of Eden Rock's famous cavern system. Polaris Applied Science completed a paid reef restoration effort in February of this year. The ship's captain, as well as its owners and management company were charged with displacing coral back in May. At a hearing last month before magistrate Donalds, the defendants' attorneys asked for a ruling on compliance with the criminal procedures code. A decision was returned last week in favor of the prosecution, and the matter is expected to be back in court shortly.