Tourists inconvenienced as restaurant uses beach access path for table storage

Dec 20, 2017 Culture

  A case of partial beach access blockage has been uncovered near a popular George Town restaurant. When Cayman 27's cameras investigated, several plastic tables were found stacked up in the path, causing a slight bottleneck. On this busy cruise ship Wednesday, tourists like Doc Barron of Austin, Texas had to walk single-file down the path to check out the view before moving on to a nicer beach. He rated the experience a minor inconvenience. "It's not putting us off but we aren't going to stay at this area," he said. "We are going to have to move down, there's a lot of broken glass on the beach, and you've got the tables here and a couple of trip hazards with the fence coming apart." Employees of the Wharf  told Cayman 27 the tables were put there for storage while the restaurant was preparing for a special event. After the event, they said the tables will be moved back.