Two men found dead over holidays

Dec 27, 2017 News

Police find two men dead over the holiday weekend and today (27 December) they are reminding the community about support options for those going through emotional or psychological difficulties during this time. Police are investigating two deaths in George Town, that of 34-year-old Adam Mark Ebanks and 53-year-old businessman Christian Sorenson. And they are urging people experiencing emotional or psychological issues to seek help. On Wednesday, police released the identities of the men. In Mr. Ebanks' case, he was found hanging in the Windsor Park area Saturday morning, police responded to the area just after 6 o'clock. Later on that day at Palm Heights Drive, emergency personal responded to a report of an unconscious male, he was pronounced dead, that man was later identified as Mr. Sorenson. Foul play was not suspected. He was involved in Crystal Caves attraction in North Side. On Wednesday (27 December) the Department of Tourism issued a statement on Mr. Sorenson’s passing, saying, "He will be remembered fondly as a visionary who exemplified delivering Caymankind to who visited his world-class caves." Post-mortems have been scheduled for both men. The R.C.I.P.S in a separate statement listed the numerous resources available on island for those needing additional support and even they have even open their doors to those who need a helping hand. General Counselling and Support Services CIG Counselling Centre – 949-8789 CI Hospital Mental Health Section – 244-2650 Family Resource Centre – 949-0006 Employer Assistance Program – 949-9559 Rehab Centre Associates – 947-6452 Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital (private) - 949-6066 Wellness Centre (private) – 949-9355 24 Hour – DPSC Communications Centre – 9-1-1 CI Crisis Centre (for those experiencing domestic violence) – 943-2422