Two months combined for more than half of 2018's total rainfall in a dry year

Jan 07, 2019 News

Rain was in the forecast again on Monday (7 January) after a wet weekend in Grand Cayman. What better time to take a look back at 2018's rainfall numbers. Cayman 27 presents another edition of rainfall roundup. Statistics from our friends at the National Weather Service show that 2018 was drier than what we are accustomed to. 43.45 inches of rain was recorded for the year, that's a whopping 12.754 inches below the 30-year average. Looking at the graph, you can see the driest month of 2018 was February, with barely a third of an inch of rainfall recorded. But not all months were underachievers. Two months combined for more than half of Cayman's annual rainfall totals. 10.8 inches of rain was recorded in May, making it the wettest May since 2012, and September benefited from multiple rainfall events associated with tropical wave activity to come in with a total of 13.5 inches. As for 2019, January is off to a roaring start, already exceeding last year's monthly total. Just seven days in, the National Weather Service said Cayman has already recorded 4.71 inches of rain, with three inches falling Sunday alone.