Women's footballers anxious for resolution on Premier League season

Dec 06, 2017 Sports

While the Cayman Islands Football Association's Premier League goes into it's 8th week of competition, women's footballers anxiously wait on the sidelines. Scholars International FC's Arie Smith says the players are staying prepared as the uncertainty of their league stays top of mind. "That's a daily chat. The teams are still training, Scholars has played a few practice games. We all want to play, everyone wants to play." Women's Premier League players have not stepped onto the field since the end of 2016/2017 season in May. Smith says they are confident this will change in the new year. "Hopefully it starts sometime in January but we are still waiting to hear exactly when." With the 2018 CONCACAF Championships taking place in October of the new year, three teams from the Caribbean region are eligible to qualify for eight of the entries in the tournament. Smith says Cayman's participation remains uncertain, at least for the senior level. "Not at the women's level, I've heard at the Under-15's, Under-20's but not the senior team." In speaking with Cayman 27, CIFA President Alfredo Whittaker assured the league would commence in the new year. "The CIFA Women's Premier League will start towards the end of January. We are currently in the process of team/player registration and drafting the fixtures."