MCIU 2021

2021 Miss Cayman Islands Universe People's Choice

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Nerissa McLaughlin

-Contestant #1-


Age: 20
District: East End

Sponsor: Personnel 2000
Favourite Quote: “In a world where you can be anything, be CaymanKind!”

Nerissa is not short of pageant experience as she has represented her district in many pageants, including Miss Teen Cayman Islands. At 20 years old, her zeal for CaymanKind and passion to inspire and affect positive change are just a few of the driving forces of becoming the next Miss Cayman Islands Universe. Nerissa’s academic achievements span a wide variety of accolades and mental health is an issue dear to her heart.

She has made it a lifelong goal to work in the mental health field and aspires to be a pioneer in her social work career. She looks forward to playing an integral role in the social betterment of the Cayman Islands and the worldwide community. When she’s not spending time with her family, or volunteering with the Alzheimers and Dementia Association, she enjoys dancing and swimming.


Aleya Solomon

-Contestant #2-

Age: 24
District: Bodden Town

Sponsor: Wuave's Fashion and Fashion Mart
Favourite Quote: “This too shall pass” – King Solomon

Aleya’s diverse academic and professional background takes her through flight attendant training to business administration to most recently, employment in the legal industry. Her aspirations include travelling the world, volunteering abroad, caring for the elderly, and finding time to do some modeling, amongst other things.

Having a younger brother who has been diagnosed with Autism and Severe Body dyspraxia and speech impairment has taught her that having a disability does not mean you are different, as everyone is different in their own unique way. She is always there to lend a hand to those in need and would encourage anyone to never give up on their dreams. Aleya enjoys dancing, doing crossword puzzles, swimming, and spending time with her family.



Georgina Kerford

-Contestant #3-

Age: 18
District: George Town

Sponsor: Members of Parliament for George Town South and George Town West
Favourite Quote: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right,” - Henry Ford

Star of the school and Student Council president, accurately describes this Cayman Islands beauty. Georgina has achieved a lifetime scholarship with Ms. Jackie’s School of Dance due to her enthusiasm for performance, she has also completed her Darkness to Light Training and has achieved her certificate. She is a team player, a compassionate person, and is always looking for experience and a challenge in any aspect to broaden her knowledge.

Georgina enjoys nature, community work, volunteering at the Human Society, and dancing in her spare time. Currently, she is pursuing a degree at UCCI in Education. For her, a Miss Cayman Islands Universe should be high-spirited, positive-minded, be CaymanKind and compassionate, represent true morals and manners, a welcoming person who has knowledge and history of the Cayman Islands and its people.



Tania McLean

-Contestant #4-

Age: 25
District: George Town

Sponsors: Cayman Rehab Services and Gemstar Ltd
Favourite Quote: “With God all things are possible.” - Matthew 19:26

Having competed and won several international beauty pageants, Tania considers herself a leader, responsible, God-fearing, and a genuinely confident young lady with self-discipline.

She is currently pursuing her degree in Marketing and International Business, with hobbies such as swimming, spending time with her family, baking, photography, yoga, gymnastics and listening to music.

As an ambassador for the Cayman Islands, she considers herself sociable, humble, polite and is blessed with good communication skills. She occupies self-confidence and is committed to her goals, respects others and believes we can make a difference if we all embrace and learn from each other, which brings about change.



Kimberly Carlos

-Contestant #5-

Age: 27
District: West Bay

Sponsor: Kirk Freeport

Favourite Quote: “To be kind is more important than to be right. Many times, what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a special heart that listens." - F Scott Fitzgerald

With plans to pursue a Legal Practitioner’s Course in the near future, Kimberly is a certified practitioner in the trusts and corporate sector, a leader in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards programme, Cayman Connection United Kingdom (CCUK) Youth Ambassador, a Junior Achievement winner and a Red Cross Volunteer of the Year. Her hobbies include travelling to unique and exotic countries, spending time with her family and friends, and exploring the outdoors. Having a psychology degree, she has learned the importance of self-awareness, stress management and the necessity to have a healthy and happy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Closest to her heart is mentoring young people and being of service to her beloved Cayman Islands.

Kimberly believes that one of the greatest gifts in life is the ability to influence others and she looks forward to utilizing the MCIU platform to continue making a positive change in our society and beyond.



Antanika Ebanks

-Contestant #6-

Age: 24
District: Bodden Town

Sponsor: Scott's Equipment Ltd
Favourite Quote: “Aut inveniam viam aut faciam (I shall either find a way or make one)”

Antanika is a passionate, open-minded young lady currently completing a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree at ICCI. In addition to working and studying, she has started her own business. Her hobbies include traveling, listening to music, and going to the beach. She strives to be a positive role model to the youth, as she volunteers with the Cayman Islands Cadet Corps. For her, being a Miss Cayman Islands Universe provides another platform to connect with Cayman's youth and give back to the community.

If awarded the MCIU title, Antanika would use it to continue to encourage and empower the youth locally and internationally, while representing our beloved Isles.



Markita Ebanks

-Contestant #7-

Age: 28
District: Bodden Town

Sponsor: The Ebanks Clan
Favourite Quote: “The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live only as you can.” – Neil Gaiman

Markita has a host of hobbies that keep her busy, ranging from interior decorating and design, to nail art, event planning, and more. She also dabbles in mixology, video games, painting/sketching, photography, and is a self-proclaimed "plant mom".

Having worked as a special needs educator for the past seven years, she has a vast range of experiences in getting to know, work and live with people of various cultures, capabilities, ages and beliefs. These experiences have awakened her ‘sense of purpose’ as a young Caymanian. She is determined to become a voice for the most vulnerable members of our society and looks forward to building a better, stronger and fairer Cayman Islands.



Aliyah Harrison

-Contestant #8-

Age: 20
District: West Bay

Sponsor: Pro Plus Garden Centre
Favourite Quote: “Courage is the most important of all virtues because without courage, you can’t practice other virtues consistently.”

Fashion and beauty, dancing, and modeling are just a few of Aliyah’s hobbies. She enjoys outdoor sports such as long and high jump, in addition to volunteering for numerous community organisations and non-profits. Currently studying for her degree in Business Administration at UCCI, Aliyah is a past Vice President of Prefects, a Key Club member, and a peer mentor.

She is passionate about our Islands and their heritage and describes herself as having an ‘affectionate presence’ that allows people to feel comfortable around her. Aliyah believes that a MCIU queen should possess resilience, humility, uniqueness, charisma, and confidence.


Ashley Crowe

-Contestant #9-

Age: 27
District: George Town

Sponsor: Kings Sports Centre
Favourite Quote: “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.” – Alice Walker

A classically trained actor currently making her debut at the internationally acclaimed Goodman Theatre in Chicago, Ashley graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Loyola University Chicago. In addition to her degree, she has trained in LA, NYC, and Chicago and attended the London Conservatoire Training at the London Dramatic Academy.

Her interests lie in social justice and activism, particularly through art, service, and lifestyle. She has a myriad of hobbies including traveling, cooking, working out and likes to live life on the edge. Ashley is very health conscious and believes in a constantly evolving dedication to mind, body, and soul wellness. The MCIU platform is one on which she leads through example as an empowered woman dedicated to liberating others.










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